Yay for Cold and Flu Season!

piggy fluI’m not sure if you believe that, if you do then you’re either in pharmaceuticals or you’re a horses ass. Or both. Those of us who have children that go to school and leave our homes quite often are not looking forward to standing next to someone in the checkout line that doesn’t know how to cover their mouth when they sneeze. I just want you to know that this makes me not like you.

This year within the past two weeks my kids have caught the croup just from parents sending their kids to school sick. Please don’t be that parent, I still have a three year old. I understand that you can’t always miss work, your babysitter is sick. Hell I know daycare doesn’t accept kids that are sick. We don’t want your bugs. My three year old coming up to me and sharing snot kisses with me is enough to make me lovingly want to hurl.

If you haven’t ever been around the flu bug, here are a few tips.

Cover your cough:

Cover coughbugs

Yes, that’s right. Don’t be that person I am standing next to in line at Wal-Mart. This is the most disgusting thing of the cold and flu just for the simple fact there is mucus flying everywhere. You want to see me hurl go ahead and cough up a loogie next to me. I promise you will see what color my lunch is. So do me and my children that I have to pin down and wash with hand sanitizer a favor and cover your mouth. I’m not your girlfriend I don’t want your bugs, I don’t think she does either.

Wash yourself:

wash your hands I’ve seen some nasty stuff between the medical profession, the Army and having kids. I know what lives on your hands and it’s not invited to come home with me. So if you’re that guy that shakes and doesn’t wash, then I’m not surprised your coughing.

Keep your ass in bed:

If you are genuinely sick, please stay home. I think everyone at some point in there stay homelife has had the ‘I’m not going to work’ today bug because you have a case of the f-it’s. Right on, I get those too. If you look like a bag of ass and probably have a case of the gomboo, I know I’m going to be the person inching away from you.


Stay up on your flu shot:

I hate shots, everyone hates shots, well there are the few that don’t mind them. You can keep them until flu season. This is one time, regardless of how much I hate them that I suck it up, look the other way. The reason for this, my kids. I would do anything to protect them. One of those is vaccinations. If you don’t believe in them, hey that’s cool. As much as I love to be around people, okay maybe not much, but I still do hold social gatherings from time to time, I can’t say you’re going to be invited during cold and flu season though.


I know that we hear these every year. People avoid them every year, hey I agree! I’m not a fan of having this pounded down my throat. Let’s not forget though with the cold and flu season comes RSV season. I have a three year old. I know that they are almost out of that window where it’s dangerous. This is one time where all jokes are aside if you’re sick or have a infant or toddler stay away from each other. The nurses and doctors at the hospital have enough to worry about. YOU have enough to worry about! Be smart. Don’t bring your tiny ones around someone that might give you the worst hospital visit of your life. They are so much more important then that one visit that could cost you more than just a visit to the hospital.

Remember to take care of yourselves:

If you do get sick here are some ways to take care of yourself so that it’s more comfortable. I don’t think that there is a miracle cure out there for a virus like these but you can make yourselves comfortable.

Fluids, fluids, fluids!! Drink Water!!

If you’re like me and drink one to two pots of coffee a day that still counts, but water might be a better choice at this time. If you can’t drink water try some of these things.

Hot Tea: one of my favorites, helps break up phlegm and feels nice going down. I hot teamix lemon juice and honey with mine. Some people like to mix it with whiskey for a hot totty. Sometimes this type of self-medicating isn’t bad ‘if’ you can handle the liquor. If you can’t just stick to tea, lemon, and honey. No one likes throwing up.

Hot broths: my favorite is ginger and garlic. I know that it brothsounds gross, it works very well for me. If you can’t do this one try beef or chicken. They also have vegetable broth too. It works the same as hot tea, I don’t think I would put whiskey in it though.


Let’s not forget the over the counter meds. I usually do Alka-Seltzer Plus Severe Cold and Flu just because for me it helps with stomach aches and has the extra kick in it. Everyone has their own that works for them, I sincerely hope that you don’t need any of these.

OTCmedsI wish everyone a healthy cold and flu season. If you’ve been blessed like my house has and will have it circling all year despite your best bleaching efforts I wish you luck getting rid of it. You have my sympathy!

Then if you still aren’t digging the fluids try Pedialyte, Gatorade, PowerAde etc. Popsicles are magical!


Don’t be afraid to go generic.

Last but least, if you’re drinking lots of fluids I know this is gross but the more you pee the faster you flush your system. Stay hydrated.

Heres to another cold and flu season guys! Stay healthy!

Thanks for reading…

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Staring at Fear

There is a lot to be said about fear, as a child I was taught to do things even if I was afraid. What I didn’t realize until many years later is that it was perfectly alright to be afraid. It was what you did with it that was important.

Let’s transfer that into a lesson for an eight year old girl on a skateboard. How do you get a child to overcome their fear? You go out there and do it yourself.

This past weekend is exactly what I did. We took the scooter and skateboard to practice on. At first she told me, “Mom, I don’t want to ride my skateboard, I’m scared.”

I get that, I know what it means to be afraid.Unfortunately for my children there are times where I am an adrenaline junky. “Okay honey, I absolutely understand that you’re afraid. Why don’t you let Mom ride the skateboard and you can ride the scooter. If you want to change your mind later, you sure can.”

“Okay Mom, that sounds good.” she said as we loaded them into the truck. Cool! This is where I start some of my lessons with my daughter. Sometimes she just can’t be pushed and sometimes she does.This was a show and tell lesson. Keeping in mind that I haven’t been on a skateboard in twenty years, give or take, the first thoughts that crossed my mind was: A, am I going to get fucked up and not be able to walk afterward, B. Is she going to see just how terrified I am? C. can I actually still skateboard?

We get loaded in our old Ford F-150 and get going. As we’re riding in the truck I give myself the old  I can totally do this! pep talk. This didn’t mean I wasn’t afraid, it just meant that I was going to kick my fear in the balls and keep riding. As we get to where we’re going, we get our rides out and she takes off on her scooter. Cool, my new thought is, Let’s let her get warmed up on the scooter. Then if she wants to switch over to the skateboard it’s going to be easier.

I start following her on foot when I get the, “Mom, ride my skateboard with me.”. I don’t care who you are, saying no to that awesome invitation is cowardly.

Do I really have my balance after twenty years? Let’s find out. I stand on the board for a moment and do the first two steps. This turns into a wiggle that gets the board moving slowly at first. I hit a decent sized rock and jump off, Vivian laughs at me. So this is where I realize that we’ve started to clear the air. She is going to get comfortable watching Mom. This is the confidence booster I need to help push her along. So what if I get hurt from riding the board? This is where I get back up after doing the ‘Peter Griffin’ from Family Guy for a few moments and show her that I am invincible.

She decides that she wants to take a crack at it, “Please do, I’ll ride the scooter for a time. I’ll be right with you.” I tell her as we switch.

The eight years that we have been together I try my best to show her that I mean business instead of just telling her. She looks at me, “Mom, is it alright if I sit on my bottom and get my balance?”. Of course my reply to her is, “Absolutely you can.”

We’re still in baby steps. Time to show her my word is good.

While she is doing this she starts getting a feel for the board and the way it moves. While I’m riding next to her I keep giving her the little tips that I had learned as a thirteen year old. She keeps relaxing.

I know without a doubt that when you get on something that has wheels you’re going to get fucked-up. I didn’t want to, but if it was going to happen I wanted my daughter to see it. My time with this was coming.

We switched back to her riding the scooter and me riding the skateboard. When we switched back to the rides we started with she takes off in a race without telling me. Have I gotten my sea legs back yet? I guess it’s debatable but let’s give it a crack. Literally. Not realizing that she had went and hid behind the truck.

This is where my comic relief takes over and my twin Grace enters Stage 2. I have always belonged on a longboard, just relaxing. This is where my zen is at. Not paying attention to myself for a moment caught in the middle of the zen. I realize as I’m just coasting down the road that I may be going a little bit fast for the lack of practice in these twenty years.

When my twin Grace attempts to jump off the board, here was the magic moment I knew was coming. As I spilled onto the pavement, my left foot decided to stay with the board while  my right foot started to glue itself to the pavement. Never being able to do the sideways splits, I became very limber for the moment and came down hard on my bottom, mid splits.

Here I was, all by myself, groaning in pain. When the shock wore off I had lost my right shoe, I was sitting there doing the splits without the child I was trying to teach how to be brave. If it would have been a movie this is where you would cue the crickets and the credits.

Fade to Black

So I have to say, I haven’t met many authors that tell me ‘”I’d chug bleach to get you to read the free sample of my book, or you could just read it.” LT. Vargas on twitter.’

I know that this sounds morbid but you have my attention…

I go to the website I download the free sample. It instantly has my attention, I have crossed the threshold of reading plain suspense to reading this trip down the rabbit hole.

I usually don’t read many books that have swearing in them and I got a few pages into it feeling kind of weary of it when the notion hit me, “Sarah, you’re thirty-two, married, with two kids, and swear like a sailor.” How is this going to offend me? My youngest streaks across the living room four to five times a day like Flash Gordon. This is where I give myself the ‘Get over it’ pep talk and I liked it. 100%

If you have kids under 16 who read don’t go buy this for them for a while please there is a lot of strong language because this was written for adults. I liked it, I loved it, I am really hoping that I get to see more from these two, and cannot wait to finish the series.

I am more than happy to add these authors to my Acclaimed Authors section where they will have a permanent place among my favorite authors. Well done!

If you like suspense and are looking to get lost for a while get off your ass and go get the first book…

fade to black Consider this your early Christmas present, you’ll thank Santa on Christmas day.



Don’t have a kindle? How about a Nook Book?

Please remember to have respect for the author/s, if this doesn’t fit your fancy keep looking. There has to be a type of book that has a fit for you. My favorites are suspense and paranormal…this fits for me. Everyone needs a little dark sometimes 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Happy Reading, Writing, and Poetry Folks!!

Bloody Christmas

Bloody Christmas

If you are looking for a short thriller to sink your teeth into, this is definitely a great book to read! As I read this book I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next, and I loved it! If there was one thing that I could wish for out of this book, it would be for there to be more of it. I do have to say that I am pleased with what there is and feel very fortunate to have this in my collection. I do have to say that if you are not into thrillers/gore please don’t humor yourself into reading this because they truly have done a great job making it gory!

I have to say on the Goodreads scale that I give it 4 out of 5. The only thing that I could find wrong with this book is that there wasn’t more of it, you can’t really consider that a crime.


Links for Purchasing this Short Story





Shields of PHLEGM

Sheilds of Phleghm

This was a delightful book, usually I have a problem with being too literal.  When I was introduced to Levi the quad ram, I have to say I found it humorous to look in the mirror so to speak. The fact that there were only nine chapters was a bonus for me. I’m used to reading novels and this was a great break from it to get a breath of fresh air.

The book had a very good flow that made it easy to follow along with it, now if only I could find that flow being around my three-year-old that would be great! The grammar was in great shape; this makes it easier to look for more titles from G. Ernest Smith.

On the Goodreads star ranking I give it a 4 out of 5. The back of the book is very catchy, it’s a short, it’s hilarious. Definitely would love to keep this book in my library.



Links where you can find this book:



Barnes & Noble

Chapter Three: Discharge

“Hello my lord, just calling you to let you know that Rebecca is doing alright.” Jacob said to the pool of water in the sink. “Everything is going as she had set up before coming here.”

“That is exactly what I wanted to hear Jacob. Thank you for attending to this while my hands are tied.” Lucas’ voice drifted out of the sink that had started to swirl with greens and reds.

“ She wasn’t very happy to hear that she was The Whore of Babylon. I think she is going to be quite pissed when she really wakes up and realizes that she isn’t though.” Jacob snickered. “I had quite the laugh at her, especially when she called me back to her, I couldn’t help but have fun with it.”

“Well, hopefully she will come through this intact. I need her by my side again Jacob. It is time for us to finalize this and make her mine for all time. Not that we don’t think like that anyways, but what happens if they come after her again? I just cannot do without her again.” Lucas said very disgruntled.

“So she shall be by your side again my lord. I will do whatever I must to bring my sister home.” Jacob said bowing his head in respect.

“Until we meet again Jacob, thank you .” Lucas voice came drifting off of the water.

“Until we meet again my lord.” Jacob said reaching in to drain the water in the sink.

Dr. Stevens came walking into the room, “Good Morning Rebecca! I hope you slept well last night.”

I cracked my eyes, feeling an extreme pain from a lack of sleep. Jacob had left very upset with me. Not like I wasn’t pissed at him too, that’s besides the point. Today was the day I was supposed to go home. Please let me be able to go home I thought to myself. The thought of being in this stuffy room for two weeks did not appeal to me. Daniel was sitting in the green chair, he had come early this morning to see if I could be brought home today. The nurses had been in and out. Taking my catheter out so I could use the restroom on my own, getting me up to walk around. They wanted to make sure that I would be alright going home. I will tell you, at this point, I was tired of all of the fuss. I had hit the leave me the hell alone point with no return.

“Suuuurrreeee, I did.” I said to him looking at my toes.

“You are a horrible liar Rebecca, but at this point I think we have crossed all of our t’s and dotted our i’s. I’m positive that you are going to get more rest at home. I don’t want to see you back at work for two to three weeks and I will be stopping in to see how my favorite nurse is doing.” Dr. Stevens said smiling at me.

Yes! THIS WAS MY DAY TO GO HOME! “Thank you so much Dr. Stevens!”

Daniel stood out of the green chair and stretched his right hand towards Dr.Stevens, “Thank you again Dr.Stevens, I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t shown up when you did. Like I said she was just lying there shaking. I was so scared.”

“She’s going to be alright Daniel, I’m just going to monitor her for a while. I don’t think there are going to be any lasting effects. Just to make sure though” he said taking his thick rimmed glasses off of his middle aged face and wiping his eyes. This made him look older every time he did this. He had a bald head, with age spots on top. “Take her home Daniel, I will stop in tomorrow.”

“Roger that Dr. Stevens, on our way out!, Common gorgeous let’s get you home.” Daniel said putting my backpack on his back and starting to wheel me out the door. He had been hoping to get me home today, so before the good doctor came in for rounds, he had all of my stuff literally stuffed in my backpack.

As we were wheeling down the hallway I heard a faint whisper, “Rebecca, Rebecca…..where are you going?”

I looked around me. I looked up Daniel who was whistling down the hallway. I must have been hearing things. I kept looking in the rooms as I rode by. I’m not a voyeur by any means but I was curious to see if some of my patients were still here. I wasn’t seeing any, so I started minding my own business.

“Wait for me Rebecca, I’m coming with you!” I heard as we were crossing the front doors. I put my feet down on the concrete, stopping Daniel in his tracts and I stood up and looked around. There was no one there. I turned around and looked into the hospital, there at the end of the hallway was a man in black with a green tie. Jacob. Thinking to myself about what was going on, I missed what Daniel had asked me. I stood there staring at him at the end of the hallway. When I blinked, he was gone.

“Did you hear me Rebecca?” Daniel stated with impatience.

“Hmmm?” I replied just coming out of my personal mind trip. “What did you say love?”

Daniel had a worried look on his face, “I said, it’s time to get you home and in bed, are you ready to go?”

“Yeah, I think I’m ready to go.” I said walking away from the wheelchair. “Where did you park the Durango?”

It was time to go home, Daniel walked up to my right. He slipped his arm through mine and steered me in the direction of our parked vehicle.

Pulling up in the driveway was like a breath of fresh air! I was so excited to be home I missed the figure walking towards us on the sidewalk. I walked up to the door of the house and waited for Daniel to come and unlock the door. Getting impatient I looked towards the Durango where Daniel was standing talking to this stranger.

“Honey! Are you okay?” I yelled down to him.

“Yup, just someone looking for directions. I will be up in just a moment.” I heard back.

Daniel came trotting up to the door moments later to open the door for me, “There you go sweet lady, your humble abode!” he said with a hint of humor as he bent at the waist.

“Thank you kind sir, I do believe that I will go have a soak in the tub. It’s time to soak away the hospital.” I said walking through the door. “It’s not that I don’t love my hospital, I just don’t love being in my hospital. I need to soak it away.”

Daniel laughed as he followed me through the door, “Are you sure I can’t tuck you into bed Becca?”

Halfway down the hallway and around the corner halfway naked, I yelled out to him, “No thank you! I would really like to have a bath.”

I closed the door behind me and immediately finished stripping. If you’ve ever been hospitalized there this feeling of sterilization. It’s not bad, it just isn’t comfortable. I wanted to feel like a normal person again. After everything that had happened I needed some time to process everything. The perfect place for me to do this? In the bathtub. This was my favorite place in the whole world, it was time for us to unite again.

I’m an impatient bath taker, I got the tub plugged and slipped into the cast iron tub. As I sat there waiting for it to fill up to my chin, the feeling of relief washed over me. Everything became warm and fuzzy. I closed my eyes.

I opened my eyes to find Jacob sitting next to me. He was wearing a green t-shirt and stonewashed blue jeans. “How did you find me?” I said looking up at him.

“You have been very hard to find, so I took precautions to make sure you and I don’t lose each other again.” he replied.

“So where do we go from here Jacob?” I asked sinking farther into the tub to relax.

“ We’re stuck here until you remember who you are dear.” he answered me.

The feeling of ‘Wow, this sucks.’ started to wash over me. I looked at my hands poking through the bubbles on my knees.

“Where do we go when I do remember?” I asked curiosity taking over.

“Where you have always belonged Rebecca.” he said with a soft glimmer in his eyes.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. When I opened them Jacob was gone.

Daniel had taken his place. There was a difference though, he had these stunning white wings. He was wearing a leather breastplate, arm bracers, and studded greaves. There was a golden longbow strung across his back with the quiver of arrows and was holding a longsword. The longsword was stunning silver with intricate golden engraving on the handle, the pommel and the guard were solid gold in color. The blade was made from the finest steel and shone in the light.

I made eye contact with Daniel and started to ask him what he was doing but nothing came out. He plunged at me with his longsword into my chest while yelling, “You betray the heavens Laila!”

At that moment the water exploded around me as a blood curdling scream erupted from my crimson lips.

All of a sudden there was a constant drumming sound around me as my  dirty-blonde hair settled on my shoulders covering my breast.

“Rebecca! Rebecca, Are you okay?” Rebecca open the door Becca!” I heard as the fog cleared from my eyes and the scream ended on my lips. I truly had been screaming. My hands went directly to my chest feeling for a stab wound.

“Rebecca, please open the door.” Daniel repeated again. “Please answer me if you’re okay.”

“I’m alright Daniel, I just fell asleep in the tub” I said as I got up to unlock the door. Water dripping off of my skin to the green tile floor.

“Why did you lock the door honey?” he asked with a puzzled look on his face.

I looked him over, he was wearing the same outfit he had been when we got back from the hospital, blue jeans, grey sweatshirt, and his sixty-nine shell toe Adidas.   

“I guess out of habit from the hospital, I didn’t even realize that I had done that.” I answered him while looking into his glowing blue eyes .Had they always been that captivating?

Images of Daniel flashed in my vision. Going in between his normal clothes and the armor that he had on in my nightmare. “I think I need to go lay down Daniel.” There was this nagging feeling that I had as I walked to my bedroom.

I didn’t even stop to grab any pajamas I threw my towel on my  rocking chair and crawled into my chocolate velvet, snuggling deep into my pillows. I listened to the cars drive by outside, the soft rock of my rocking chair…..that shouldn’t have been moving. Why was my rocking chair creaking?

I peeked over my covers. There sat Jacob rocking repeatedly in my rocking chair.

“Go to sleep Rebecca, you will be having no more of those horrible visions while I’m sitting here.” he said softly to me.

“Why did I have them in the first place?” I asked, quite confused at the events of the day.

“The ‘why’ isn’t important, the fact that it didn’t happen is a miracle in itself.” he said turning his ginger head to look at me. “I will not be leaving your side at all from this point on. Daniel won’t be able to see me and I’m not willing to leave you out in the open like that.”

Chapter One: And so it Begins


The first time it got weird for me was the middle of the night. I was restless after a long day so I  poured myself a cup of chamomile tea and was having a sit in my rocking chair. My husband Daniel was sleeping quietly in our bed. I continued rocking all the while a strange feeling seeped through my bones.  The sound of my throbbing heart reverberated into my ears until I thought the illusions of my tired mind would lead to madness.

I rose from my rocking chair and made my way to my vanity. It reflected something I’d never seen before, my beautiful ocean blue eyes had started glowing red. It wasn’t really that they were glowing red, it was actually pulsating. As the feeling of fire moved through my body the color in my eyes grew deeper and deeper as if connecting with my soul as this feeling grew along with my blurry vision

The next thing I remember was Daniel leaning over me with concern on his face.

“Rebecca my dear, did you decide to have a rest on the floor?” He asked as he scooped me into his arms.

Looking into his eyes I silently thought back as far as I could,” I don’t think I know what the hell happened, but resting on the floor isn’t it.”

I was lost in my thoughts on the short ride to our bed until Daniel set me softly on the chocolate velvet duvet and grabbed my face so very soft and looked into my eyes, “I’m going to phone the doctor Rebecca.”He let go of my face and lovingly tucked me under our covers.

“Snug as a bug in a rug!”, he said laughing

Looking deeply into his eyes I contemplated his implications for medical treatment.

“Please, don’t waste the effort. I’m sure I just fell asleep and slid out of my chair without waking up!”

Daniel started rolling with deep laughter, his crystal blue eyes looking deep into my soul. “Well, then I guess you won’t have any objections to a friendly visit from our buddy, Dr. Stevens!”

I rolled my eyes when he got out of bed, I came to the conclusion that he wasn’t going to let me get out of it.

He ran his hand through his sandy blonde hair and laughed even harder as he walked out of the room with mounting purpose.

Daniel soon returned to our bed, scooping my cup of chamomile tea up in his hands. He smiled at me with his disgustingly perfect white teeth sparkling like a toothpaste commercial. I have always loved his perfect chicklets

” Dr. Stevens will be here about three-thirty, after the office closes.”, he said while gently reaching for my hand.

Wondering to myself out loud, ” I wonder if Dr. Stevens had a lot of patients this evening?”

“I’m not sure love. Julie didn’t say when I phoned over there, but I’m sure you can ask him when he gets here. Yeah?” his light hearted voice was a song to me at this point. I was feeling tired, grumpy and impatient. Did I really need to wait until Dr. Stevens got here? I mean, I’m sure I am perfectly fine. Looking at Daniel I smiled.

“I think I am going to close my eyes for a moment.”I was feeling the effects of my heavy eyes, and frustration from the way events of this evening had turned out.

Later when I awoke I was not in my room but some sterile box with unremarkable furniture and machines with pulsating lights. I slammed my burning eyes shut expecting to open them again to a recognizable reality, but here I was laying flat on my back trying to focus on the ceiling, With little effort I looked around to find Daniel sleeping in a chair next to my bed. He had his hand warmly tucked into mine which to my horror had an I.V. line running from it to a machine that was making a very soft humming sound. I watched the red drops fall into the I.V. then looked around the room. There was a cream colored curtain pulled back on both sides of my bed. To the right was a window with an ugly green fold out chair for parents or spouses to sprawl out in…..why wasn’t Daniel stretched out over there? Directly in front of me was a wooden cabinet with a sink below it. Between the sink setup and the window was a medium sized tv hanging in the corner secured with two chains. To the left of the sink was the door with another cream colored curtain pulled around it to block someone’s view from the hallway.

What the hell am I doing here? What in the hell was going on? I had thought that  I had just fainted.I guess that’s what I get for thinking.. The opening door interrupted my thoughts.

“Well, my sweet girl! Aren’t your beautiful blue eyes a sight for sore eyes?” the very familiar warm voice that I had missed so much came from a middle aged woman with shoulder-length dirty blond hair. She was the same five-seven height as me which supported her medium boned frame covered by a black pant suit and powder blue dress shirt made of silk.

“Mom? Why am I here?” I said looking around the hospital room.

The woman that I had known for thirty-two years of life looked at me as she crossed the room to wrap her arms around me.

“I’m not sure my sweet girl, I’m not so sure.” she said as she glanced at Daniel then out the window.

If you’ve ever been around my family, you’ll know we’re not very good liars. My mom had led the charge on this trait. I could tell that she wanted to tell me but she had a strange look. It was almost like someone had kicked her puppy.

Daniel’s hand started to move in mine, the warmth radiating through to me. As I looked over he jumped out of the chair and almost in my lap. “Oh Becca, I have missed you so much! Do you want some water? Whatever you need….”

I shook my head looking at Daniel, “Why am I here?”

The two conspirators looked at each other, ” Rebecca, you’ve been here for the last two weeks in a coma.”

My head started to spinning, my stomach clenched. How am I supposed to feel about this? I thought I was only losing a matter of hours, but days? Weeks? This was unsettling to me. The last thing I remembered was Daniel telling me that Dr. Stevens would be at our home at three-thirty. What the hell happened?

While all of this was going on I missed the moment that time froze. Everything got weird to me. I looked up at my mother and Daniel and they were glaring at each other. For ten years they had gotten along and now they were shooting daggers at each other across the room. What I didn’t notice that they weren’t blinking, they weren’t breathing. I didn’t see that mid-fall in my IV drip had started glowing red, they had told me it was a blood transfusion. As I was staring at them, staring at each other, shooting daggers through each other, there was a black and green mist that started to swirl on my floor. I thought I was imagining it. At first thought it looked like I was watching the weatherman on channel 5 news, pointing to the eye of the hurricane which was quickly approaching the coast.

It was at this time when the swirling cloud started speaking to me which the thought that I was either dreaming or insane was starting to become a very real possibility in my mind.

“Good evening Ms. Rebecca, how are you feeling?”

It took me a moment to answer their question because you see at this point the mini hurricane was starting to take form.

“Uh, well…um I’m awake, I’m not sure how I’m feeling though.”

I picked up my cup of ice chips since my mouth was dry. From the corner of my eye I looked at the form as his features started to form. (It sounded like a him, so that’s what I’m going with.)

“Indeed, Well you have my apologies Ms. Rebecca. I didn’t think that this would happen.” he said as he started to dust off his black suit then straightening his green tie. His voice was pleasant. He had the very sexy English hint to his accent, the kind that most American girls swoon over.

I closed my eyes, thinking that maybe if I went back to sleep this horrible dream would go away.

“Are you trying to hide from me Ms. Rebecca? I must say, I have strict orders to not leave your side, just so you know. I also have a letter waiting for you to open, when you have a moment to yourself of course.”

I opened my eyes. It was time to put a face to the hurricane of talking smoke. I wasn’t disappointed either. Not saying that I would chase him, that’s not the feeling that I had for him. I would say that he was very pleasant on the eyes. I’m usually into blondes like my dear Daniel, but I think ginger was the color today. It was a vibrant, rich red, cut close to his head, every hair was combed perfectly into place. His face was thin with a chiseled jaw line. His frame was straight and well filled out. Not like a husky guy, no he was well defined. Just a guess, but he stood about six foot.

I’m pretty sure that his appearance was growing on me.

“You come into my room like a swirling cloud of smoke just to deliver a letter?” I asked him with a very parched squawk. I had run out of ice chips and was sitting here wishing this dream would go away so I could get more.

The sound that came from his mouth next startled me. It had been very quiet in this room since I had woken up moments ago so his very hearty, booming laugh that was almost contagious if I hadn’t been feeling to tired to participate.

“Here my dear, please take this. It’s for you of course. No one else can see it. To them it will just look like a piece of elegant paper.” he said setting the beautiful envelope on my bedside table.

I blinked, then I blinked again, ” Uh, I’m sorry. I know this is weird and all but what are you talking about?”

“Still feisty as ever Rebecca, I have missed your spunk very much.  Since you don’t remember me, my name is Jacob. Rebecca if you need anything please ask for me. I am your personal assistant, bodyguard, and right hand should you need me.” he smiled.  “Everything is explained in the letter my dear. I can’t wait to raise hell with you soon!”

Slowly his form started to dissipate, not like before, but as a fog that was leaving as sunlight warmed its form.I found myself staring after it. Lost in my thought, I didn’t feel life start happening again. What I mean is that the sound of breathing returned. People started blinking again, and the glare that was being shared between my mother and Daniel turned into the warm looks that they had always shared. I didn’t see, feel hear any of this pick up where it had left off. I really wanted to read that letter! I didn’t want to share it though! Who was it from? What was it about? My sleepy mind was like caffeine on overdrive!

My next thought was to pinch myself, to see if I actually awake. I know what you’re thinking. Everyone does that when they don’t believe something. That’s because it works! Pain has always worked as stimulation, and that’s exactly what I did. I pinched myself, like the stereotypical person losing their mind. It hurt.

“Rebecca? Rebecca, honey you look like you need to rest.” my mother asked me with a look of concern on her face.

Turning my attention to my mother, the dazed look still on my face, finding it very hard to concentrate with all of the questions swimming in my head I managed to mumble, “I was going to tell you no mom, but I think I am still tired and would like to rest a little bit.” I said to her still zoned out, thinking of the questions swimming in my head about the author of the letter.

Chapter Two: Never Saw It Coming

The devil is coming up through the roots of the trees, The devil is coming on the screams of the breeze, He comes with a smile as a friend,  He brings you roses so red,  The devil is coming to take you to bed,  But not before he takes your hand,  The devil is coming to you as planned,  He’s coming to take you away from the thoughts in your head,  He whispers to you as you sleep in your bed,  You see what you didn’t know is that your souls are   entwined, they have been since the beginning of time,  The devil you see, he is your brother,  He’s coming from the dark to bring you home.

Lying in bed waiting for Mom and Daniel to leave for the night was agonizing. It was a relief when the nurse came in and announced that visiting hours were mercifully over. Daniel was disappointed, but after looking at his haggard face from a long two weeks it was easy to coerce him into going and getting some sleep. As they walked out the door I lay there and closed my eyes, waiting to hear the click of the door closing behind them. Almost immediately fingers tapped on the envelope from my ‘bodyguard’ Jacob. That’s who I thought it was anyways.

My Dearest Rebecca,  I know that you don’t remember me at this time but that was how it was planned for this to be. I’m sorry that you’ve been asleep for two weeks. I know your people think that you have been in a coma, but that isn’t so. You see I put you to sleep while your mind started to come back to you. Usually I’m into the dark torture and pain of others but not for you my love. I trust that Jacob was on his best behavior. You two always get into trouble when you’re together, so when you do start to remember, please promise that ‘YOU’ will be on your best behavior. You and I are very old. Tell the angel that hovers over your bed, that I am coming for him. It is my promise to you. I have sent Jacob to be your bodyguard until you start to remember who you are. The red liquid that is dripping into your veins will help you also to regain your memory. Jacob has said that he will do his best to help. If you need him, just speak his name and he will be there at all times for you.  So with that being said, once you remember who you are please be on your best behavior. Know that I am on my way and that I love you. Rebecca, you are my soulmate. You have been since the beginning of our fate. I will be coming to see you soon; I have missed you so.  Love Eternally, Lucas

More questions began swimming in my head. I decided that speaking to myself wouldn’t be so weird if I tried using Jacob’s name. It’s not like he would really show up, that stuff doesn’t happen in real life. Besides, it was just a dream. I had to have been dreaming with my eyes open.  Yeah, that must be it.  “Jacob, I am so flipping lost right now. I have no idea who this Lucas guy is, I’m supposed to know him I guess. I guess you and I are supposed to be close or something. I just don’t get what the hell is going on here. I feel like I’m losing my damn mind, and I have nobody to talk to!” I said quickly, almost like when you vomit……but don’t want to, so you try and hold it in….. but it comes out anyways. So that’s what I did. I was not expecting what happened next to become part of my reality, but I’ve never screamed and freaked out like a girl. Never, in my life. Until today that is, when this very warm breeze on my ear started to sound like the man who introduced himself as Jacob. “Rebecca, you will remember us soon, have no fear! There is no need to be such a drama queen.” “Drama queen!” I screamed as I started to flop around like a fish out of water, trying desperately to get away from the whispers in my ear. In the midst of this I managed to hit all of the buttons on my call light, flipping my television on, calling the nurse, raising the head of my bed,

and my feet so I looked like I was trapped at the bottom of a ‘V’ like in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. This was so not like me to be this worked up, I mean, things just don’t get to me like this. I’m not sure if I was just plum tired or because of the drugs they had me on…….this is not going to work. With the most impatience I haven’t seen since my mother, Jacob said to me, “Could you please stop doing whatever it is that you’re doing?” Just as he finished his sentence the nurses flew into the room to see why my heart monitor was going to break peak records on the heart monitor. “Rebecca, are you alright? All of your alarms are going off!” the nurse said as her rescue team came flying in after her. “I am so sorry, Jenny! There was a spider and it crawled across the remote! I didn’t mean to hit all of those buttons! I am very, very sorry!” I said breathing hard, ” I tried to turn them off, but I turned more stuff on.” The nurse looked at me like I had lost my mind. (Let’s not lie, at this point it felt like I had lost my mind) “Please just get out of bed next time, we thought you were having a heart attack the way your heartbeat spiked on our monitors.” she said as she was turning all of the bells and whistles off. “Okay” was all I could answer with. I had questions for Jacob now who had been waiting very quietly in one of the green chairs for all of the commotion to die down. Well, after my attempt to mimic my own personal earthquake in bed, the least he could do is answer them.

He had a cocky smile on his face that reached all the way to his strange green eyes. “Do you have something you would like to say to me love?” he asked. “I’m not sure where to start. None of this makes sense to me, like I said before Jacob. I feel like there is a fog that’s hanging out on my brain. Am I supposed to feel like this? How long until this fog goes away? You know, I could keep up with my questions, but I don’t think I would get answers with my mouth still moving.” I said to him. “Oh I have missed you Rebecca!” Jacob said with a huge smile. I raised my eyebrows, “I wish I could say that the feeling is likewise, but it’s not”. “Hmm, well aren’t you just sweet as ever! I guess you’re looking for answers now? Don’t just want to take the blood ride back to memory town?” He said leaning forward in the ugly green chair folding his fingers in front of himself. “You’re trying to disgust me aren’t you? What do you mean blood ride?” I said curling my lip. “No, I assure you that I’m not. It really is as I said it is. That glowing liquid pumping into your veins there, well, that Lucas’ blood. It was your idea actually.” he said smoothly as he stretched. “What do you mean this was all my idea?” I asked. “Well, you had made some pretty big screwups. You told Lucas that you were going to come to the human world so we could hide you from the angels that put a hit out on your soul.” he smiled,

“When Lucas says you misbehaved, it’s an understatement. He loves you so much that he can’t even stay mad at you when you destroy empires.” So here’s what I’ve come up with. After two short encounters with Jacob that it is a mistake to have any type of liquid to drink around me, in my hands, in my mouth. The reason I say this is, he has a shock factor to him. It makes you spit water when he says stuff like that. So here I am taking my towel off my table to wipe the water mess up that I launched halfway across the room, from my mouth. “That certainly doesn’t get old!” he said laughing all the way to my bedside. “You know what?” I said looking into his eyes. “You are pissing me off Jacob! I just want to know what’s going on. Could you please stop talking in circles and give it to me straight?” All humor left his face at this point, “Rebecca, would you like to know who your soul is?” “You know; I think that would be what I am asking for Jacob.” I said with irritation to get my point across. He looked at me holding the glass of water in my hand. Slowly he reached for it to bring it away from being assaulted by my violent reactions to his answers. “Well my dear sweet Rebecca, you are the Whore of Babylon.” Somehow he said this to me with a straight face. He sat their eyes, boring into me to view my reaction. I don’t think I was reacting the way he

wanted me too. I just didn’t know how to react to such a statement …. ‘Ah, excuse me. Did you know you’re the Whore of Babylon?’ That just doesn’t seem to fit my personality. This guy has to be on crack! Where are the cameras? I started to look around to see if I could see the film crew. “What are you looking for Rebecca?” Jacob said to me with a mixed look of amusement and curiosity on his face. “There is no flipping way that this is real dude.” I said looking at him. “Where are the cameras?” At this statement the look on Jacob’s face seemed to turn from annoyance to irritation. Watching him look at me, his appearance began to change. His vibrant red hair began to dance on his head like flames.  The hollows of his cheekbones started to show dark shadows along with the circles of his eyes, which at this point had become a dull green that were recessing into his skull. “Rebecca, this is not a joke. I do not appreciate coming all this way just to see you and have you behave like an immature brat.” he growled at me with a hollow voice. No, really. He actually growled. “I know that you do not remember what my name is right now, so let me remind you. In a time long before, I was referred to as Azrael. Your eternal love, the one you can’t remember. What do you think he’s really called? It’s not Lucas!” I felt the blood drain from my face, my stomach started to churn. I had a feeling that this was starting to become very real at this point.

“A bit much for you to take?” he said to me with sarcasm dripping from his tongue. “Gee, ya think?” I replied