Chapter One: And so it Begins


The first time it got weird for me was the middle of the night. I was restless after a long day so I  poured myself a cup of chamomile tea and was having a sit in my rocking chair. My husband Daniel was sleeping quietly in our bed. I continued rocking all the while a strange feeling seeped through my bones.  The sound of my throbbing heart reverberated into my ears until I thought the illusions of my tired mind would lead to madness.

I rose from my rocking chair and made my way to my vanity. It reflected something I’d never seen before, my beautiful ocean blue eyes had started glowing red. It wasn’t really that they were glowing red, it was actually pulsating. As the feeling of fire moved through my body the color in my eyes grew deeper and deeper as if connecting with my soul as this feeling grew along with my blurry vision

The next thing I remember was Daniel leaning over me with concern on his face.

“Rebecca my dear, did you decide to have a rest on the floor?” He asked as he scooped me into his arms.

Looking into his eyes I silently thought back as far as I could,” I don’t think I know what the hell happened, but resting on the floor isn’t it.”

I was lost in my thoughts on the short ride to our bed until Daniel set me softly on the chocolate velvet duvet and grabbed my face so very soft and looked into my eyes, “I’m going to phone the doctor Rebecca.”He let go of my face and lovingly tucked me under our covers.

“Snug as a bug in a rug!”, he said laughing

Looking deeply into his eyes I contemplated his implications for medical treatment.

“Please, don’t waste the effort. I’m sure I just fell asleep and slid out of my chair without waking up!”

Daniel started rolling with deep laughter, his crystal blue eyes looking deep into my soul. “Well, then I guess you won’t have any objections to a friendly visit from our buddy, Dr. Stevens!”

I rolled my eyes when he got out of bed, I came to the conclusion that he wasn’t going to let me get out of it.

He ran his hand through his sandy blonde hair and laughed even harder as he walked out of the room with mounting purpose.

Daniel soon returned to our bed, scooping my cup of chamomile tea up in his hands. He smiled at me with his disgustingly perfect white teeth sparkling like a toothpaste commercial. I have always loved his perfect chicklets

” Dr. Stevens will be here about three-thirty, after the office closes.”, he said while gently reaching for my hand.

Wondering to myself out loud, ” I wonder if Dr. Stevens had a lot of patients this evening?”

“I’m not sure love. Julie didn’t say when I phoned over there, but I’m sure you can ask him when he gets here. Yeah?” his light hearted voice was a song to me at this point. I was feeling tired, grumpy and impatient. Did I really need to wait until Dr. Stevens got here? I mean, I’m sure I am perfectly fine. Looking at Daniel I smiled.

“I think I am going to close my eyes for a moment.”I was feeling the effects of my heavy eyes, and frustration from the way events of this evening had turned out.

Later when I awoke I was not in my room but some sterile box with unremarkable furniture and machines with pulsating lights. I slammed my burning eyes shut expecting to open them again to a recognizable reality, but here I was laying flat on my back trying to focus on the ceiling, With little effort I looked around to find Daniel sleeping in a chair next to my bed. He had his hand warmly tucked into mine which to my horror had an I.V. line running from it to a machine that was making a very soft humming sound. I watched the red drops fall into the I.V. then looked around the room. There was a cream colored curtain pulled back on both sides of my bed. To the right was a window with an ugly green fold out chair for parents or spouses to sprawl out in…..why wasn’t Daniel stretched out over there? Directly in front of me was a wooden cabinet with a sink below it. Between the sink setup and the window was a medium sized tv hanging in the corner secured with two chains. To the left of the sink was the door with another cream colored curtain pulled around it to block someone’s view from the hallway.

What the hell am I doing here? What in the hell was going on? I had thought that  I had just fainted.I guess that’s what I get for thinking.. The opening door interrupted my thoughts.

“Well, my sweet girl! Aren’t your beautiful blue eyes a sight for sore eyes?” the very familiar warm voice that I had missed so much came from a middle aged woman with shoulder-length dirty blond hair. She was the same five-seven height as me which supported her medium boned frame covered by a black pant suit and powder blue dress shirt made of silk.

“Mom? Why am I here?” I said looking around the hospital room.

The woman that I had known for thirty-two years of life looked at me as she crossed the room to wrap her arms around me.

“I’m not sure my sweet girl, I’m not so sure.” she said as she glanced at Daniel then out the window.

If you’ve ever been around my family, you’ll know we’re not very good liars. My mom had led the charge on this trait. I could tell that she wanted to tell me but she had a strange look. It was almost like someone had kicked her puppy.

Daniel’s hand started to move in mine, the warmth radiating through to me. As I looked over he jumped out of the chair and almost in my lap. “Oh Becca, I have missed you so much! Do you want some water? Whatever you need….”

I shook my head looking at Daniel, “Why am I here?”

The two conspirators looked at each other, ” Rebecca, you’ve been here for the last two weeks in a coma.”

My head started to spinning, my stomach clenched. How am I supposed to feel about this? I thought I was only losing a matter of hours, but days? Weeks? This was unsettling to me. The last thing I remembered was Daniel telling me that Dr. Stevens would be at our home at three-thirty. What the hell happened?

While all of this was going on I missed the moment that time froze. Everything got weird to me. I looked up at my mother and Daniel and they were glaring at each other. For ten years they had gotten along and now they were shooting daggers at each other across the room. What I didn’t notice that they weren’t blinking, they weren’t breathing. I didn’t see that mid-fall in my IV drip had started glowing red, they had told me it was a blood transfusion. As I was staring at them, staring at each other, shooting daggers through each other, there was a black and green mist that started to swirl on my floor. I thought I was imagining it. At first thought it looked like I was watching the weatherman on channel 5 news, pointing to the eye of the hurricane which was quickly approaching the coast.

It was at this time when the swirling cloud started speaking to me which the thought that I was either dreaming or insane was starting to become a very real possibility in my mind.

“Good evening Ms. Rebecca, how are you feeling?”

It took me a moment to answer their question because you see at this point the mini hurricane was starting to take form.

“Uh, well…um I’m awake, I’m not sure how I’m feeling though.”

I picked up my cup of ice chips since my mouth was dry. From the corner of my eye I looked at the form as his features started to form. (It sounded like a him, so that’s what I’m going with.)

“Indeed, Well you have my apologies Ms. Rebecca. I didn’t think that this would happen.” he said as he started to dust off his black suit then straightening his green tie. His voice was pleasant. He had the very sexy English hint to his accent, the kind that most American girls swoon over.

I closed my eyes, thinking that maybe if I went back to sleep this horrible dream would go away.

“Are you trying to hide from me Ms. Rebecca? I must say, I have strict orders to not leave your side, just so you know. I also have a letter waiting for you to open, when you have a moment to yourself of course.”

I opened my eyes. It was time to put a face to the hurricane of talking smoke. I wasn’t disappointed either. Not saying that I would chase him, that’s not the feeling that I had for him. I would say that he was very pleasant on the eyes. I’m usually into blondes like my dear Daniel, but I think ginger was the color today. It was a vibrant, rich red, cut close to his head, every hair was combed perfectly into place. His face was thin with a chiseled jaw line. His frame was straight and well filled out. Not like a husky guy, no he was well defined. Just a guess, but he stood about six foot.

I’m pretty sure that his appearance was growing on me.

“You come into my room like a swirling cloud of smoke just to deliver a letter?” I asked him with a very parched squawk. I had run out of ice chips and was sitting here wishing this dream would go away so I could get more.

The sound that came from his mouth next startled me. It had been very quiet in this room since I had woken up moments ago so his very hearty, booming laugh that was almost contagious if I hadn’t been feeling to tired to participate.

“Here my dear, please take this. It’s for you of course. No one else can see it. To them it will just look like a piece of elegant paper.” he said setting the beautiful envelope on my bedside table.

I blinked, then I blinked again, ” Uh, I’m sorry. I know this is weird and all but what are you talking about?”

“Still feisty as ever Rebecca, I have missed your spunk very much.  Since you don’t remember me, my name is Jacob. Rebecca if you need anything please ask for me. I am your personal assistant, bodyguard, and right hand should you need me.” he smiled.  “Everything is explained in the letter my dear. I can’t wait to raise hell with you soon!”

Slowly his form started to dissipate, not like before, but as a fog that was leaving as sunlight warmed its form.I found myself staring after it. Lost in my thought, I didn’t feel life start happening again. What I mean is that the sound of breathing returned. People started blinking again, and the glare that was being shared between my mother and Daniel turned into the warm looks that they had always shared. I didn’t see, feel hear any of this pick up where it had left off. I really wanted to read that letter! I didn’t want to share it though! Who was it from? What was it about? My sleepy mind was like caffeine on overdrive!

My next thought was to pinch myself, to see if I actually awake. I know what you’re thinking. Everyone does that when they don’t believe something. That’s because it works! Pain has always worked as stimulation, and that’s exactly what I did. I pinched myself, like the stereotypical person losing their mind. It hurt.

“Rebecca? Rebecca, honey you look like you need to rest.” my mother asked me with a look of concern on her face.

Turning my attention to my mother, the dazed look still on my face, finding it very hard to concentrate with all of the questions swimming in my head I managed to mumble, “I was going to tell you no mom, but I think I am still tired and would like to rest a little bit.” I said to her still zoned out, thinking of the questions swimming in my head about the author of the letter.

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