Chapter Three: Discharge

“Hello my lord, just calling you to let you know that Rebecca is doing alright.” Jacob said to the pool of water in the sink. “Everything is going as she had set up before coming here.”

“That is exactly what I wanted to hear Jacob. Thank you for attending to this while my hands are tied.” Lucas’ voice drifted out of the sink that had started to swirl with greens and reds.

“ She wasn’t very happy to hear that she was The Whore of Babylon. I think she is going to be quite pissed when she really wakes up and realizes that she isn’t though.” Jacob snickered. “I had quite the laugh at her, especially when she called me back to her, I couldn’t help but have fun with it.”

“Well, hopefully she will come through this intact. I need her by my side again Jacob. It is time for us to finalize this and make her mine for all time. Not that we don’t think like that anyways, but what happens if they come after her again? I just cannot do without her again.” Lucas said very disgruntled.

“So she shall be by your side again my lord. I will do whatever I must to bring my sister home.” Jacob said bowing his head in respect.

“Until we meet again Jacob, thank you .” Lucas voice came drifting off of the water.

“Until we meet again my lord.” Jacob said reaching in to drain the water in the sink.

Dr. Stevens came walking into the room, “Good Morning Rebecca! I hope you slept well last night.”

I cracked my eyes, feeling an extreme pain from a lack of sleep. Jacob had left very upset with me. Not like I wasn’t pissed at him too, that’s besides the point. Today was the day I was supposed to go home. Please let me be able to go home I thought to myself. The thought of being in this stuffy room for two weeks did not appeal to me. Daniel was sitting in the green chair, he had come early this morning to see if I could be brought home today. The nurses had been in and out. Taking my catheter out so I could use the restroom on my own, getting me up to walk around. They wanted to make sure that I would be alright going home. I will tell you, at this point, I was tired of all of the fuss. I had hit the leave me the hell alone point with no return.

“Suuuurrreeee, I did.” I said to him looking at my toes.

“You are a horrible liar Rebecca, but at this point I think we have crossed all of our t’s and dotted our i’s. I’m positive that you are going to get more rest at home. I don’t want to see you back at work for two to three weeks and I will be stopping in to see how my favorite nurse is doing.” Dr. Stevens said smiling at me.

Yes! THIS WAS MY DAY TO GO HOME! “Thank you so much Dr. Stevens!”

Daniel stood out of the green chair and stretched his right hand towards Dr.Stevens, “Thank you again Dr.Stevens, I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t shown up when you did. Like I said she was just lying there shaking. I was so scared.”

“She’s going to be alright Daniel, I’m just going to monitor her for a while. I don’t think there are going to be any lasting effects. Just to make sure though” he said taking his thick rimmed glasses off of his middle aged face and wiping his eyes. This made him look older every time he did this. He had a bald head, with age spots on top. “Take her home Daniel, I will stop in tomorrow.”

“Roger that Dr. Stevens, on our way out!, Common gorgeous let’s get you home.” Daniel said putting my backpack on his back and starting to wheel me out the door. He had been hoping to get me home today, so before the good doctor came in for rounds, he had all of my stuff literally stuffed in my backpack.

As we were wheeling down the hallway I heard a faint whisper, “Rebecca, Rebecca…..where are you going?”

I looked around me. I looked up Daniel who was whistling down the hallway. I must have been hearing things. I kept looking in the rooms as I rode by. I’m not a voyeur by any means but I was curious to see if some of my patients were still here. I wasn’t seeing any, so I started minding my own business.

“Wait for me Rebecca, I’m coming with you!” I heard as we were crossing the front doors. I put my feet down on the concrete, stopping Daniel in his tracts and I stood up and looked around. There was no one there. I turned around and looked into the hospital, there at the end of the hallway was a man in black with a green tie. Jacob. Thinking to myself about what was going on, I missed what Daniel had asked me. I stood there staring at him at the end of the hallway. When I blinked, he was gone.

“Did you hear me Rebecca?” Daniel stated with impatience.

“Hmmm?” I replied just coming out of my personal mind trip. “What did you say love?”

Daniel had a worried look on his face, “I said, it’s time to get you home and in bed, are you ready to go?”

“Yeah, I think I’m ready to go.” I said walking away from the wheelchair. “Where did you park the Durango?”

It was time to go home, Daniel walked up to my right. He slipped his arm through mine and steered me in the direction of our parked vehicle.

Pulling up in the driveway was like a breath of fresh air! I was so excited to be home I missed the figure walking towards us on the sidewalk. I walked up to the door of the house and waited for Daniel to come and unlock the door. Getting impatient I looked towards the Durango where Daniel was standing talking to this stranger.

“Honey! Are you okay?” I yelled down to him.

“Yup, just someone looking for directions. I will be up in just a moment.” I heard back.

Daniel came trotting up to the door moments later to open the door for me, “There you go sweet lady, your humble abode!” he said with a hint of humor as he bent at the waist.

“Thank you kind sir, I do believe that I will go have a soak in the tub. It’s time to soak away the hospital.” I said walking through the door. “It’s not that I don’t love my hospital, I just don’t love being in my hospital. I need to soak it away.”

Daniel laughed as he followed me through the door, “Are you sure I can’t tuck you into bed Becca?”

Halfway down the hallway and around the corner halfway naked, I yelled out to him, “No thank you! I would really like to have a bath.”

I closed the door behind me and immediately finished stripping. If you’ve ever been hospitalized there this feeling of sterilization. It’s not bad, it just isn’t comfortable. I wanted to feel like a normal person again. After everything that had happened I needed some time to process everything. The perfect place for me to do this? In the bathtub. This was my favorite place in the whole world, it was time for us to unite again.

I’m an impatient bath taker, I got the tub plugged and slipped into the cast iron tub. As I sat there waiting for it to fill up to my chin, the feeling of relief washed over me. Everything became warm and fuzzy. I closed my eyes.

I opened my eyes to find Jacob sitting next to me. He was wearing a green t-shirt and stonewashed blue jeans. “How did you find me?” I said looking up at him.

“You have been very hard to find, so I took precautions to make sure you and I don’t lose each other again.” he replied.

“So where do we go from here Jacob?” I asked sinking farther into the tub to relax.

“ We’re stuck here until you remember who you are dear.” he answered me.

The feeling of ‘Wow, this sucks.’ started to wash over me. I looked at my hands poking through the bubbles on my knees.

“Where do we go when I do remember?” I asked curiosity taking over.

“Where you have always belonged Rebecca.” he said with a soft glimmer in his eyes.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. When I opened them Jacob was gone.

Daniel had taken his place. There was a difference though, he had these stunning white wings. He was wearing a leather breastplate, arm bracers, and studded greaves. There was a golden longbow strung across his back with the quiver of arrows and was holding a longsword. The longsword was stunning silver with intricate golden engraving on the handle, the pommel and the guard were solid gold in color. The blade was made from the finest steel and shone in the light.

I made eye contact with Daniel and started to ask him what he was doing but nothing came out. He plunged at me with his longsword into my chest while yelling, “You betray the heavens Laila!”

At that moment the water exploded around me as a blood curdling scream erupted from my crimson lips.

All of a sudden there was a constant drumming sound around me as my  dirty-blonde hair settled on my shoulders covering my breast.

“Rebecca! Rebecca, Are you okay?” Rebecca open the door Becca!” I heard as the fog cleared from my eyes and the scream ended on my lips. I truly had been screaming. My hands went directly to my chest feeling for a stab wound.

“Rebecca, please open the door.” Daniel repeated again. “Please answer me if you’re okay.”

“I’m alright Daniel, I just fell asleep in the tub” I said as I got up to unlock the door. Water dripping off of my skin to the green tile floor.

“Why did you lock the door honey?” he asked with a puzzled look on his face.

I looked him over, he was wearing the same outfit he had been when we got back from the hospital, blue jeans, grey sweatshirt, and his sixty-nine shell toe Adidas.   

“I guess out of habit from the hospital, I didn’t even realize that I had done that.” I answered him while looking into his glowing blue eyes .Had they always been that captivating?

Images of Daniel flashed in my vision. Going in between his normal clothes and the armor that he had on in my nightmare. “I think I need to go lay down Daniel.” There was this nagging feeling that I had as I walked to my bedroom.

I didn’t even stop to grab any pajamas I threw my towel on my  rocking chair and crawled into my chocolate velvet, snuggling deep into my pillows. I listened to the cars drive by outside, the soft rock of my rocking chair…..that shouldn’t have been moving. Why was my rocking chair creaking?

I peeked over my covers. There sat Jacob rocking repeatedly in my rocking chair.

“Go to sleep Rebecca, you will be having no more of those horrible visions while I’m sitting here.” he said softly to me.

“Why did I have them in the first place?” I asked, quite confused at the events of the day.

“The ‘why’ isn’t important, the fact that it didn’t happen is a miracle in itself.” he said turning his ginger head to look at me. “I will not be leaving your side at all from this point on. Daniel won’t be able to see me and I’m not willing to leave you out in the open like that.”

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