Chapter Two: Never Saw It Coming

The devil is coming up through the roots of the trees, The devil is coming on the screams of the breeze, He comes with a smile as a friend,  He brings you roses so red,  The devil is coming to take you to bed,  But not before he takes your hand,  The devil is coming to you as planned,  He’s coming to take you away from the thoughts in your head,  He whispers to you as you sleep in your bed,  You see what you didn’t know is that your souls are   entwined, they have been since the beginning of time,  The devil you see, he is your brother,  He’s coming from the dark to bring you home.

Lying in bed waiting for Mom and Daniel to leave for the night was agonizing. It was a relief when the nurse came in and announced that visiting hours were mercifully over. Daniel was disappointed, but after looking at his haggard face from a long two weeks it was easy to coerce him into going and getting some sleep. As they walked out the door I lay there and closed my eyes, waiting to hear the click of the door closing behind them. Almost immediately fingers tapped on the envelope from my ‘bodyguard’ Jacob. That’s who I thought it was anyways.

My Dearest Rebecca,  I know that you don’t remember me at this time but that was how it was planned for this to be. I’m sorry that you’ve been asleep for two weeks. I know your people think that you have been in a coma, but that isn’t so. You see I put you to sleep while your mind started to come back to you. Usually I’m into the dark torture and pain of others but not for you my love. I trust that Jacob was on his best behavior. You two always get into trouble when you’re together, so when you do start to remember, please promise that ‘YOU’ will be on your best behavior. You and I are very old. Tell the angel that hovers over your bed, that I am coming for him. It is my promise to you. I have sent Jacob to be your bodyguard until you start to remember who you are. The red liquid that is dripping into your veins will help you also to regain your memory. Jacob has said that he will do his best to help. If you need him, just speak his name and he will be there at all times for you.  So with that being said, once you remember who you are please be on your best behavior. Know that I am on my way and that I love you. Rebecca, you are my soulmate. You have been since the beginning of our fate. I will be coming to see you soon; I have missed you so.  Love Eternally, Lucas

More questions began swimming in my head. I decided that speaking to myself wouldn’t be so weird if I tried using Jacob’s name. It’s not like he would really show up, that stuff doesn’t happen in real life. Besides, it was just a dream. I had to have been dreaming with my eyes open.  Yeah, that must be it.  “Jacob, I am so flipping lost right now. I have no idea who this Lucas guy is, I’m supposed to know him I guess. I guess you and I are supposed to be close or something. I just don’t get what the hell is going on here. I feel like I’m losing my damn mind, and I have nobody to talk to!” I said quickly, almost like when you vomit……but don’t want to, so you try and hold it in….. but it comes out anyways. So that’s what I did. I was not expecting what happened next to become part of my reality, but I’ve never screamed and freaked out like a girl. Never, in my life. Until today that is, when this very warm breeze on my ear started to sound like the man who introduced himself as Jacob. “Rebecca, you will remember us soon, have no fear! There is no need to be such a drama queen.” “Drama queen!” I screamed as I started to flop around like a fish out of water, trying desperately to get away from the whispers in my ear. In the midst of this I managed to hit all of the buttons on my call light, flipping my television on, calling the nurse, raising the head of my bed,

and my feet so I looked like I was trapped at the bottom of a ‘V’ like in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. This was so not like me to be this worked up, I mean, things just don’t get to me like this. I’m not sure if I was just plum tired or because of the drugs they had me on…….this is not going to work. With the most impatience I haven’t seen since my mother, Jacob said to me, “Could you please stop doing whatever it is that you’re doing?” Just as he finished his sentence the nurses flew into the room to see why my heart monitor was going to break peak records on the heart monitor. “Rebecca, are you alright? All of your alarms are going off!” the nurse said as her rescue team came flying in after her. “I am so sorry, Jenny! There was a spider and it crawled across the remote! I didn’t mean to hit all of those buttons! I am very, very sorry!” I said breathing hard, ” I tried to turn them off, but I turned more stuff on.” The nurse looked at me like I had lost my mind. (Let’s not lie, at this point it felt like I had lost my mind) “Please just get out of bed next time, we thought you were having a heart attack the way your heartbeat spiked on our monitors.” she said as she was turning all of the bells and whistles off. “Okay” was all I could answer with. I had questions for Jacob now who had been waiting very quietly in one of the green chairs for all of the commotion to die down. Well, after my attempt to mimic my own personal earthquake in bed, the least he could do is answer them.

He had a cocky smile on his face that reached all the way to his strange green eyes. “Do you have something you would like to say to me love?” he asked. “I’m not sure where to start. None of this makes sense to me, like I said before Jacob. I feel like there is a fog that’s hanging out on my brain. Am I supposed to feel like this? How long until this fog goes away? You know, I could keep up with my questions, but I don’t think I would get answers with my mouth still moving.” I said to him. “Oh I have missed you Rebecca!” Jacob said with a huge smile. I raised my eyebrows, “I wish I could say that the feeling is likewise, but it’s not”. “Hmm, well aren’t you just sweet as ever! I guess you’re looking for answers now? Don’t just want to take the blood ride back to memory town?” He said leaning forward in the ugly green chair folding his fingers in front of himself. “You’re trying to disgust me aren’t you? What do you mean blood ride?” I said curling my lip. “No, I assure you that I’m not. It really is as I said it is. That glowing liquid pumping into your veins there, well, that Lucas’ blood. It was your idea actually.” he said smoothly as he stretched. “What do you mean this was all my idea?” I asked. “Well, you had made some pretty big screwups. You told Lucas that you were going to come to the human world so we could hide you from the angels that put a hit out on your soul.” he smiled,

“When Lucas says you misbehaved, it’s an understatement. He loves you so much that he can’t even stay mad at you when you destroy empires.” So here’s what I’ve come up with. After two short encounters with Jacob that it is a mistake to have any type of liquid to drink around me, in my hands, in my mouth. The reason I say this is, he has a shock factor to him. It makes you spit water when he says stuff like that. So here I am taking my towel off my table to wipe the water mess up that I launched halfway across the room, from my mouth. “That certainly doesn’t get old!” he said laughing all the way to my bedside. “You know what?” I said looking into his eyes. “You are pissing me off Jacob! I just want to know what’s going on. Could you please stop talking in circles and give it to me straight?” All humor left his face at this point, “Rebecca, would you like to know who your soul is?” “You know; I think that would be what I am asking for Jacob.” I said with irritation to get my point across. He looked at me holding the glass of water in my hand. Slowly he reached for it to bring it away from being assaulted by my violent reactions to his answers. “Well my dear sweet Rebecca, you are the Whore of Babylon.” Somehow he said this to me with a straight face. He sat their eyes, boring into me to view my reaction. I don’t think I was reacting the way he

wanted me too. I just didn’t know how to react to such a statement …. ‘Ah, excuse me. Did you know you’re the Whore of Babylon?’ That just doesn’t seem to fit my personality. This guy has to be on crack! Where are the cameras? I started to look around to see if I could see the film crew. “What are you looking for Rebecca?” Jacob said to me with a mixed look of amusement and curiosity on his face. “There is no flipping way that this is real dude.” I said looking at him. “Where are the cameras?” At this statement the look on Jacob’s face seemed to turn from annoyance to irritation. Watching him look at me, his appearance began to change. His vibrant red hair began to dance on his head like flames.  The hollows of his cheekbones started to show dark shadows along with the circles of his eyes, which at this point had become a dull green that were recessing into his skull. “Rebecca, this is not a joke. I do not appreciate coming all this way just to see you and have you behave like an immature brat.” he growled at me with a hollow voice. No, really. He actually growled. “I know that you do not remember what my name is right now, so let me remind you. In a time long before, I was referred to as Azrael. Your eternal love, the one you can’t remember. What do you think he’s really called? It’s not Lucas!” I felt the blood drain from my face, my stomach started to churn. I had a feeling that this was starting to become very real at this point.

“A bit much for you to take?” he said to me with sarcasm dripping from his tongue. “Gee, ya think?” I replied

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