Fade to Black

So I have to say, I haven’t met many authors that tell me ‘”I’d chug bleach to get you to read the free sample of my book, or you could just read it.” LT. Vargas on twitter.’

I know that this sounds morbid but you have my attention…

I go to the website I download the free sample. It instantly has my attention, I have crossed the threshold of reading plain suspense to reading this trip down the rabbit hole.

I usually don’t read many books that have swearing in them and I got a few pages into it feeling kind of weary of it when the notion hit me, “Sarah, you’re thirty-two, married, with two kids, and swear like a sailor.” How is this going to offend me? My youngest streaks across the living room four to five times a day like Flash Gordon. This is where I give myself the ‘Get over it’ pep talk and I liked it. 100%

If you have kids under 16 who read don’t go buy this for them for a while please there is a lot of strong language because this was written for adults. I liked it, I loved it, I am really hoping that I get to see more from these two, and cannot wait to finish the series.

I am more than happy to add these authors to my Acclaimed Authors section where they will have a permanent place among my favorite authors. Well done!

If you like suspense and are looking to get lost for a while get off your ass and go get the first book…

fade to black Consider this your early Christmas present, you’ll thank Santa on Christmas day.



Don’t have a kindle? How about a Nook Book?

Please remember to have respect for the author/s, if this doesn’t fit your fancy keep looking. There has to be a type of book that has a fit for you. My favorites are suspense and paranormal…this fits for me. Everyone needs a little dark sometimes 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Happy Reading, Writing, and Poetry Folks!!

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