the Threat Below

I really had a great time reading this book, I found this book when I was researching a way to promote my self-published book. Word Slinger was the first website that I found that took into account the content of the books that they were promoting, all of the books that I have gotten to read from this website are solid books.

The Threat Below

This leads me to my recent Science fiction, the Threat Below. I couldn’t decide how to rate this in the beginning. I wasn’t a big fan of the beginning of the book, it was well explained though. This is one of the books that you have to endure the beginning of the book to get to the powerhouse of the book.

Setting my personal opinion of book beginnings aside for an awesome author, I have to say that if you enjoy science fiction and post-apocalyptic this is a 5 out of 5. Each word that is typed on this page is earned by Jason Latson who creates a world on top of a mountain that is in desperate need something, but what?

As he introduces you to Icelyn and Adorane, you get the impression that you’re on a boring trip down the side of a mountain with a couple of teens who are doing what they aren’t supposed to be doing. That’s basically WHAT is going on but we have no idea how grand this scale truly is. As he leads us farther and farther into the world of Cloudline with the Cognates and the Veritas, it becomes very evident what is truly flying at the fan.

There is an amazing transformation that happens on the other side of the wall, this book is definitely worth the time reading the Brathius History Book #1. I look forward to seeing the rest of the lineage of this story and what happens next.


Thanks for reading!

Review: Legends of Muirwood Trilogy

The Wretched of Muirwood

Book One




This was a Goodreads 5 out of 5 for me.

This is a great start to the series, in no way, shape, or form does Jeff Wheeler get boring while introducing his story of Muirwood to us. Once I started cracked the pages open to The Wretched of Muirwood, there was no putting this book down. As he introduces you to Lia in the Aldermaston’s kitchen, you just blend into the background of the story of Lia. She may be an orphan, but she does not have a normal life. I’m okay with that as I read this book. This girl has got the determination and sheer hard headedness that I look in the mirror at, and I love her!

After Jeff Wheeler introduces Lia to Garen Demont, these two cannot help but burry themselves in trouble. What a wild ride it is walking, running, hiding with Garen and Lia towards Garen’s destination. Every step of this adventure is absolutely worth it. Everything that we find out about Lia is mesmerizing. This is a tale that I can hand to my young adult children and not worry about there being stuff in there that I don’t want them to read. I will keep the Fifty Shades of Grey for my personal collection. I am more than happy about sharing this book with my children and other young adults though. There isn’t JUST the good content in this book, there are strong messages that you just don’t hear about anymore. This was one positive chalk mark for Jeff Wheeler, among many that he wrote in the strong story he wove into this book!

Revew: Broken



This book did exactly what it was supposed to and it left me breathless. I say this because this was one historical fiction that sucked me in throughout the book. As she spun this historical fiction in Paris, starting in 1939, she made it possible to walk side by side with the main character Alia A. K. Mercier. These are the type of books that grab my attention, she nailed it.

When reading I find it rare that a writer holds my attention through the book. When I have a book that my nose is glued to and my eyes don’t stop moving until the pages run out, I keep that author in my favorites stash. Because of how well this book was written and the historical significance this book holds, I give this book a 5 out of 5. It was well edited, well written, and the plot was very engaging. To say that I didn’t have a swirl of emotions that went with the end of the book would be a lie, but to tell you what happens at the end would defeat the point of reading the book wouldn’t it?


Stephanie Hudson

Stephanie Hudson

If you do not know this lovely lady, let me introduce you to Stephanie Hudson. She is the author of The Afterlife Saga. What an amazing adult series! (I will repeat that this is an adult series. Please don’t go out and buy this for your twelve year old because they will have no idea what half of the stuff going on in that book is.)

I am only going to review the first four books that she has published. I say this because I have read ” The Pentagram Child, Part One” and have started part two BUT, they should be reviewed together because this lady will leave you breathless. If you are anything like me, then waiting for the next book is agony! I promise if you read part one and don’t hear anything about part two ugh, you will rack your brain until you buy her second part. Buy them together, enjoy them together. You deserve it!

So when I say that this is an amazing author, I truly mean it. I was blown away by Stephanie and her style!. The reason why I say this is because I don’t usually read books that have adult content in them. If you want hot paranormal beings crossed with “50 Shades of Grey” then she is the one for you! Her characters are very, very well developed. There are minimal typos in this book (not that I let that stop me) You can’t find gold without getting your pickaxe out and digging for it! I must say that this author is gold. So let’s get a kick off with her first book shall we?

Welcome to


This book drew me in without knowing what was happening and left me wanting more of the intense action! Usually though I will say that I am not drawn to love stories. The story between Dominic Draven and Kira Johnson is fantastic. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or if she really just did an amazing job twisting this love story together? But she did, and the side characters that she developed, geez, if I could have a huge crush on a fictional character it would be Dominic Draven’s heart throb brother Vincent. (I don’t usually dig blonds but for some reason his character really spoke to me)

Now what is funny with each review that I do I dig back into the book and make sure that I try and get as close to content as I can. How rude to write a positive review on someone and NOT get their story straight. Right? So I’m skimming the pages of this book and the next thing I know it’s one in the morning, my eyes are blood shot, and I have to get up at six to get my 8yr old to school….purple bags and all!

This is what I love about her stories though, I was sucked right back in even though I have read this story before. What I will say is, if I had to pick a favorite, it would be this one. There is so much excitement, lust, anger, danger, and anything else you can think of when you have a untouchable love. WOW, what a book!!!

Now let us move onto

The Two Kings

Here we go! Now before I go any farther. If you have not read any books that I have on here, please don’t ask for cheater, spoilers, etc. I just can’t do it. If you read it and want to come back and have a chat about it, I’m your girl!

The Two Kings is a great story, it has a great introduction into a bad boy you will love to hate to love. Did that make sense? It doesn’t yet. But it will much later I promise.

There is so much struggle in this chapter of Dominic and Kira’s love story! And it truly starts off with a bang! If you don’t want your stomach in your throat with the suspense that leaves you shaking while you’re reading these pages…..turn around, right now! This leads us to….

The Triple Goddess

This book is one that I almost through out my window with pure frustration at the story. How can it be that good and piss me off so bad? Isn’t that what good writers do?

So let’s see where our dear Kira has been lead to, because in this story Stephanie introduces us to my absolutely favorite energetic Pip. I love her. Through the longing of this story and the heartbreak you grow to love this story. Now at the beginning I was without a doubt furious as to what was happening with Kira. I’m pretty sure the thing I said was, ” You can’t flippin do that to her, ugh! Why? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?” I set my reader down and I left it alone for twenty minutes. Then I would come back and read another page and repeat the same thing over. Then as I progressed sss…lllll….oooo….wwww….llll…..yyy through the story, I got back to the point where I could not put it down. Even though I was pissed at the character progression, when I stuck with the story I got to the point that it made sense to me. I thought to myself, “You clever girl! I see what you did there! I really like it. Thanks for dropping my heart through my feet and picking it back up!”. Then we get to the end and there is absolute heartbreak. I cried my eyes out.

My husband had come home from work, my eyes are bright red. I’m to the point I’m almost hyperventilating. This brings us to this point in the series where we’re looking at the

Quarter Moon book 4

This is where I want to introduce you to the Sigurd. What a bad boy why really helps the story along. Even though I was utterly devastated after “The Triple Goddess”. This story was outstanding and still full of suspense, humor and the longing of what happens when you loose someone you love more than yourself. Sometimes Authors loose what they are writing about and the stories get boring. Not here, not one bit. She takes us back through our favorite characters, keeps us pulled into the story, longing to get to the end, just to find out what it is we are longing to hear. Do we get that though? Maybe? Maybe not? If you love paranormal stories please do yourself a favor and pick these books up. You will not be disappointed in the least bit.

Stephanie I would like to extend to you a

good reads scale of 5 stars out of 5!

Your work will be kept in my library for a very long time!

Now that leaves us wanting again doesn’t it?

The Pentagram Child Part 1 Book 5 The Pentagram Child Part 2 Book 5

That leaves us with these two books, I promise I will circle around to these two after I finish part two. Before I do, go back to Afterlife, pick it up and fall in love with this English author.

Now if this story doesn’t fit your taste please remember that it is your opinion and others may not agree with you. Please move onto the next author that may fit the bill. Have a great read!

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Relentless 3 Book Series

Karen Lynch

If there could be thing that I would say about this author? I think it would be, “I love, love, love your writing! Please don’t ever stop!”

What an amazing, amazing story. Let’s start at the beginning with her first book


Now I must say that this story did start slow. Don’t stop reading here folks……please keep going! The reason it starts slow? Everything needs to have a beginning right? What a punch in the gut when she starts the climax in her book. I absolutely could not (would not) put this book down and I will forever be in love with this series.

The characters are FANTASTIC! Now if you want to tell me I have a simple mind. Please do.

The way that she writes the Story about Sara and Nikolas, this is a story that needs the explanation! The humor and the frustration that come from these two had me crying with laughter. Who are the people that absolutely get under your skin the most?

I have read this book over and over again and I absolutely love this book. I love her writing style. I look forward to seeing more of her creativeness.

Now lets skip to


There is so much love, humor and heartbreak in this book. I think I was left on an emotional tornado. I LOVED IT!

The reason I say this, I’m going to take a second and be real with you here. I was so pissed at her with the way she left the story open in her first book! “WHY, why must you leave me waiting for the next boooookkkkk.”, yes these are my tears over having to wait for ‘Rogue’.

What I must say is that the wait was absolutely worth it. So now here we are at the present…..The pacing waiting for Rogue was absolutely worth the wait!



Updating my review from October, this is one of my favorite series. As a young adult book this was great. I’m 33 years old and her tail reeled me in fishing for more! For this Trilogy I without a doubt say that this is a 5 out of 5 on the Goodreads scale. The tale is a great evolution and gives the reader that is looking for closure just that.

I wish I could put fireworks and confetti around these. I’m not going to though, because I feel that I need to let her work speak for itself.

All photos have been downloaded off, if you would like to see more about Karen please visit her site where I found her on Amazon!

For Nook, I couldn’t find an authors page so I went to each book.

Relentless    Refuge    Rogue