Relentless 3 Book Series

Karen Lynch

If there could be thing that I would say about this author? I think it would be, “I love, love, love your writing! Please don’t ever stop!”

What an amazing, amazing story. Let’s start at the beginning with her first book


Now I must say that this story did start slow. Don’t stop reading here folks……please keep going! The reason it starts slow? Everything needs to have a beginning right? What a punch in the gut when she starts the climax in her book. I absolutely could not (would not) put this book down and I will forever be in love with this series.

The characters are FANTASTIC! Now if you want to tell me I have a simple mind. Please do.

The way that she writes the Story about Sara and Nikolas, this is a story that needs the explanation! The humor and the frustration that come from these two had me crying with laughter. Who are the people that absolutely get under your skin the most?

I have read this book over and over again and I absolutely love this book. I love her writing style. I look forward to seeing more of her creativeness.

Now lets skip to


There is so much love, humor and heartbreak in this book. I think I was left on an emotional tornado. I LOVED IT!

The reason I say this, I’m going to take a second and be real with you here. I was so pissed at her with the way she left the story open in her first book! “WHY, why must you leave me waiting for the next boooookkkkk.”, yes these are my tears over having to wait for ‘Rogue’.

What I must say is that the wait was absolutely worth it. So now here we are at the present…..The pacing waiting for Rogue was absolutely worth the wait!



Updating my review from October, this is one of my favorite series. As a young adult book this was great. I’m 33 years old and her tail reeled me in fishing for more! For this Trilogy I without a doubt say that this is a 5 out of 5 on the Goodreads scale. The tale is a great evolution and gives the reader that is looking for closure just that.

I wish I could put fireworks and confetti around these. I’m not going to though, because I feel that I need to let her work speak for itself.

All photos have been downloaded off, if you would like to see more about Karen please visit her site where I found her on Amazon!

For Nook, I couldn’t find an authors page so I went to each book.

Relentless    Refuge    Rogue

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