the Threat Below

I really had a great time reading this book, I found this book when I was researching a way to promote my self-published book. Word Slinger was the first website that I found that took into account the content of the books that they were promoting, all of the books that I have gotten to read from this website are solid books.

The Threat Below

This leads me to my recent Science fiction, the Threat Below. I couldn’t decide how to rate this in the beginning. I wasn’t a big fan of the beginning of the book, it was well explained though. This is one of the books that you have to endure the beginning of the book to get to the powerhouse of the book.

Setting my personal opinion of book beginnings aside for an awesome author, I have to say that if you enjoy science fiction and post-apocalyptic this is a 5 out of 5. Each word that is typed on this page is earned by Jason Latson who creates a world on top of a mountain that is in desperate need something, but what?

As he introduces you to Icelyn and Adorane, you get the impression that you’re on a boring trip down the side of a mountain with a couple of teens who are doing what they aren’t supposed to be doing. That’s basically WHAT is going on but we have no idea how grand this scale truly is. As he leads us farther and farther into the world of Cloudline with the Cognates and the Veritas, it becomes very evident what is truly flying at the fan.

There is an amazing transformation that happens on the other side of the wall, this book is definitely worth the time reading the Brathius History Book #1. I look forward to seeing the rest of the lineage of this story and what happens next.


Thanks for reading!

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