Hello Again!

Hello Again Jerk Face, you know the one that got away.

I haven’t stop to miss you.

I’ve been to busy trying to get through my days.

Those are some nice flowers, are they for your girl?

You know the one that slammed my face in the door?

I guess she won’t mind if I just crop dust her at this pace.

I couldn’t help but notice the chocolate behind your back,

did you know that’s what will make her fat?

Let’s not lie that teddy bear,

well it looks like it’s been through some wear and tear.

I’m sorry, I think I missed what you said.

Did you just say you missed my big head?

If I remember right you wished I was dead!

Excuse me while I go throw up, this is Valentine’s Day.

You know the one where we broke up as you threw

a glass of wine in my face,

told me to get out of your place.

Did you just say those are for me?

Hey dude, you better get down on your knees.

Ask  for forgiveness in a nice way,

Otherwise get out of the way.

Let’s not forget that I don’t miss you.

Don’t let the door hit you, where the good Lord split you!

For my Kat, I love your face!

Photo Credit: Ivan Vukelic

Downloaded on: fineartamerica.com

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