This One’s for you Ladies!!

I’m not usually into chick power, I have to be honest with you I grew up with a roll model that shunned the idea. Until recently. I have started to find ladies that have the same humor as I do. There is a reason why I say this too. I’m an anti-social grump ass that has finally found an online magazine that fits the bill for being made by chicks for chicks.

I found this magazine perusing the classified adds for an online job where I could be closer to my family. I’m not saying that they don’t drive me crazy and that occasionally I need to put myself in time out on a daily basis too. I think that’s every mom, wife, spouse, daughter…..I’m stopping the list here because you get the point. This magazine has what I need to get a great giggle . The authors are witty, comical and have a great way of adding facts and real-life situations to their articles.

If you’re a snarky bat with a vag like me and you need a great laugh from great authors this is the place to be. Get over there check it out and get away from yourself for a minute with a good laugh and some great articles!

Thanks for reading!!

Happy Reading, Writing, and Poetry Folks!!

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