Interview with the Author of Dust: Beaux Cooper

Having the great ability to work with Beaux Cooper, I was asked by her if I would like to do a book review on Dust.

If you read my reviews, you know I am a fantasy, science fiction, paranormal horror lover. This put me out of my league for a moment while reading this book. If you are looking for how well of an author Beaux Cooper is, I want you to put your normal genre down for just a moment

And pretend it isn’t there, pick up this book and read the first page. What am I driving at here? If you honestly love books this is going to be a score to remember for your library.


Q: I absolutely enjoyed reading Dust, while reading this book; you can honestly tell that you not only put the research into this book. These characters are so much fun to get lost with, you can tell that there is a part of your heart in this book. To get outstanding entertainment like this, how long did it take you to research and write, find a publisher, and cover art for this book?

A: I started writing Dust quite by accident a few years ago when I was driving through California with my husband. Within a few miles I had drawn up the entire outline to the novel and written up a few paragraphs of dialogue. Before the trip was over I had the main character figured out and a general idea of where I wanted to go next. But then we stalled for a while. I still lived in Oregon and to write about a state you know nothing about, Wyoming in my case, made things rather difficult. So when my husband had the opportunity to take a job in Wyoming we jumped at it! It took me roughly eight months to write up the official first draft, a week to edit, and another three weeks or so to sporadically submit the manuscript electronically to publishers. At the time I had pigeonholed Dust in the western category only to find out it was more contemporary fiction instead, so my submission window was rather small – That was in May of 2015. By August 2015 I had a response from a publishing house that included a contract deal. I had had a few “No thank you’s” and a few scams which wanted me to pay them to publish my work in the meantime so I wasn’t 100% their contract was the real deal. But it was! Editing and cover art happened over the course of a few months and then we had to wait in the publisher’s lineup for Dust’s chance to be released which brings us to today. In all, from the start of serious work, it took 19 months of work to get us to today.

Q: Out of all the characters that you created, which of the characters was your favorite to create and why?

A: He doesn’t appear very often, but my favorite character is Ward, the ranch owner. He is an honest man who is utterly devoted to his wife even after 60 years of marriage. His presence is subtle throughout the book, but he has a lasting impact on my main character, Austen.


Q: When writing this book, what was your favorite part of writing this book?

A: I loved the excuse to drive out into unknown places in Wyoming to listen to the state’s heartbeat. The way the elements play out here is something I’ve never experienced before and had I not lived here I could never have written about it and come close to the wonder, beauty, and danger that lurks here.

Q: With this book, are you planning a sequel? Do you see this book taking you farther into writing novels as a career?

A: My original goal is to create two more follow up books making this the Wildcat Trilogy. Austen has a few more lessons to learn in book two and Ward plays a larger role in book three.

Q: How many more days until Dust comes out?

A: Today!!! Dust is available to read and purchase today on Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, and Apple!

Don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads!



What an amazing day for an amazing book! If you have pre-ordered this book, you do not need to wait to download it! Thank you so much for taking the time to give us an insight into your book Beaux, I wish you the best of luck with this book.

If you have questions for Beaux or would like to follow her please take a look on Highlighting the Mind or her personal website. Thank you for reading. Go get a copy and a cup of coffee, this book is worth it.

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