What happens when the thoughts run out?

This is a constant questions that I am always running into, what am I supposed to do when I am out of ideas? Are they ever coming back?

I tried short stories, some of them were good, writing coach…who after reading my work said, “This is out of my hands, you may want to check with this company.” Wait…what? I tried hiring an editor, (this was a bad idea since my book wasn’t complete) I was frustrated with the results of their edits because they completely killed one of my character’s cocky attitudes…I rage quit writing for a while. Didn’t know that was possible did you?

While on my rage quit I tried going back to school for computer game design, since I am mathematically incompetent that ended in in a smoldering pile by the wayside….

Then I found what worked for my head…I got a writing partner, who is quiet but challenges me. While going through this mental block I had an idea…not just any idea but their kind of story idea. What does that mean? I can’t tell you that, it would give the book away, but what I can tell you is every time we have done an idea run, I have no problems knocking the dust off of my keyboard!

Whether this is a writing that will carry on through the ages like Stephen King or it turns out to be a hobby that has been freaking amazing, I am grateful to my friend for writing with me…..


Happy Writing!

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