Mainak Dhar


Meet Mainak Dhar, this is the author of the Alice in Deadland series. Now, when I choose my books I usually start with the description and I strongly follow with what other readers have written about the author. Does it fit the description? Have a lot of people enjoyed their work? Would I enjoy reading this book? I dig into the comments. I read the positive AND the negative then I form my own opinion of whether I am going to read the book or not.

I must say that I read a lot of different comments about Mainak. He really did well for some readers, and not so much for others. This was a toss up for me and I literally tossed a quarter on if I was going to read this book or not. At first it was the eh….no I don’t think so (I’m really not into horror books or movies). I would read a book go back to Amazon to get another book and this would pop up in my que. Finally I said, “Why not, if I get freaked out and I don’t enjoy it… well it was only a dollar. Right?”

I went back to Amazon and I downloaded the trilogy. I had absolutely no problems getting sucked into the ‘looking glass’ with Alice! I loved reading this series, now you can call me simple, call me whatever, but I read the whole series up to “Hunting the Snark.” I highly suggest it, but that’s me. Yes, I am a living breathing person and yup I sure did purchase it.

Now, really quick I am not going to say that it is is not the happily ever after, perfectly written book. I wish I could tell you that it was. It isn’t. I’m over it. When I tell you it isn’t the perfectly written book, what I mean is that there are grammar errors, and there is repetition…..check…check….check… If you are wondering if I am “that” reader that takes out the highlighter and marks every single error I see in my book or on my reader? Yes Sir, that would be me.

So now that we have the negative out of the way let me say this, you can absolutely ignore this book. Go ahead…..I’ll wait for you to keep going……now, if you would like to sit down and read this please do because despite the errors that are in his work. I’m not turning in my copies of the Deadland series anytime soon. I absolutely, without a doubt, will read this series again. I applaud him for his attempt at writing a book series in a foreign language along with being a self-published author. I got the opportunity to walk with Alice through her trials, heartaches and great accomplishments. I think this book shows imagination for the readers who are open-minded and I look forward to reading more of his books.

Well done!

untitled251dVhgel-sL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Off with their headsHunting the Snark

Other books I have not had the pleasure of reading……

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All photos have of Mainak Dhar and his other books have been downloaded off of To see other books that Mr. Dhar has written please go to his page on Amazon

Looking on Barnes & Noble I’ve noticed that he has different books that I haven’t seen on Amazon. I’m excited to branch out!