The Reoccurring Dream

This has been a wonderful project for me.

The Reoccurring Dream is a mix between Celtic Mythology and current events. When looking at the advertisement for this book, I created this as a Patreon Exclusive to help fund my other book The Valkyrie’s Choice. Patreon is a fantastic way to get your creativity out there, but I found that while I was doing the research for this book along with The Valkyrie’s Choice I got overwhelmed. Not only was I working on both of these books, my husband and I were on moving orders from Colorado to Wisconsin.

Now that things are finally getting settled down it’s giving me the opportunity to get settled back into what has become a great therapy for me…writing.

The book will be published December 15th 2016. After that the chapters will be uploaded twice a month until completion. If this sounds interesting to you please tune in for the debut on January 1st, 2017.

The cover and advertisements were created by Deranged Doctor Design. If you are an author, I highly recommend them. Although all of their communication is through email, I find that this makes things much easier and helps me do what I need to do…which is write my book. I very special thank you to them for their awesome artwork!

Another thank you to One Book Two for their interview with them, I would have never found them if it wouldn’t have been for their interview.